Petaluma, California Branch #127

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             This site will always be a work in progress, and we encourage all of our members and visitors to make comments and suggestions on how to improve this site. You will find a link at the bottom of each page to our Webmaster (Spence F. Burton), and you can visit the Officer or Membership WebPages for additional contact information.

             Please visit the Central Council Webpage for a comprehensive background on our Federation. There are Branches of the ICF throughout most of the Western States and in the Chicago Area. While the Federation “roots” are in both Italian and Catholic traditions and beliefs, we welcome all practicing Catholics to join us.

             Petaluma Branch #127 has members in both St. Vincent’s and St. James’ parishes in Petaluma. While our original roots and name is the St. Vincent’s Branch, we hold virtually all of our meetings at St. James. We continue to actively support both of our parishes.

             As this site continues to grow, we hope that it will become more useful to all ICF Members. We plan on having an updated calendar of events for both ICF and related events in the Northbay Area. Links to such varying events as the annual Italian Film Festival held in San Rafael every fall, Cristoforo Columbo Day events in San Francisco and the Northbay, Genealogical events, etc. While Branches in Marin County are not in our District, we hope to also include their events on our Calendar(s).  Over the years Larkspur has attended most of our events, and we hope to reinforce that long time relationship and reciprocate whenever possible.

             Please contact us, or join us at a future meeting/dinner.  You will happy if you do! Where else can you celebrate, taste and enjoy all the benefits of one of the oldest cultures in the Western World? Almost every one of our meetings has a brief Heritage program or discussion that will leave you wanting to come back again and again to learn more about ourselves and our ancestors. Come join us at St. James!


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(L to R) Spence F. Burton (Past/Pres. Br. 127); Bob Basuino (Past Grand President ICF);

Bruno Fomasi (President Br. 127)